Waterbug's "Self Rescue Ladder" and Righting Aid
Sit on Top Kayaks / Personal Watercraft / Small Inflateables



Answer to the big question.
What do you do if????

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Thank You for your interest in the "Kayak Self Rescue Ladder". I am known as the Waterbug, I decided to design the Kayak Self Rescue Ladder after reading about several kayak fisherman falling overboard.

I started reading forum post in early March 2012 when the water temperatures are still in the low 40 degree range. In early March of that year two separate fisherman set out for a day in their fishing kayaks. Both men were fishing ocean inlets by themselves, each man fell overboard for one reason or another. After being in the water for 20 to 30 minutes each man was lucky to be spotted by a stray boater passing by.
As the water tempratures warm up we tend to push the limits more and get caught in changing unexpected conditions. The last story I read was a kayak fisherman had capsized and called for help with his VHF Radio.Well he is now famous in my area. Ends up the Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter and a rescue ship. He was rescued 4 miles from shore in the Delaware Bay.

As you can see the Kayak Rescue Ladder is a simple one step rope ladder that can be attached to almost any Sit on Top Kayak.

                            Attached to a side                             carry  handle
      Attached to a cleat
      Attached to a rodholder

To use the Kayak Self Rescue Ladder for reentry
  1. Pull the Kayak Self Rescue Ladder into the water and put your foot into the step.
  2. While holding the side of your kayak float your body to a 45 degree angle
  3. Push down on the side of the kayak and on the Kayak Self Rescue Ladder at the same time. You should be able to easily push yourself back into your kayak to safety.
To Right a capsized kayak with the Kayak Self Rescue Ladder
  1. Pull the Kayak Self Rescue Ladder out and drape it over the top of the capsized kayak
  2. Swim to the opposite side and grab a hold of the Kayak self Rescue Ladder step / handle
  3. Pull yourself up on the kayak to get leverage. 
  4. Pulling up on the Kayak Self Rescue Ladder and your weight pushing down will roll the kayak back over.

Falling overboard or capsizing can happen very easily, very fast and for a variety of reasons. Maybe you bump a knife overboard and you reach for it quickly, in you go. Maybe you get caught offshore in rough seas and capsize. My personal scare happened when a friend and I were going through an inlet the same time a parade of boats came through. The wake from the boats washed my partner and his kayak up on top of my kayak and knocked my fish finder loose. If I had not leaned into him he surely would have gone right over me.
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